The 901 Dragon Wagon built by Lockheed Martin
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The Lockheed Martin ‘Dragon Wagon’ 901 is an amazing piece of history from the Viet Nam era — a newer version of one used during World War II.

Designed to accommodate the needs of jungle warfare, this unique piece is a running and driving version comprised of both pieces. Just a few had been produced when the Viet Nam war was ended.

This one is complete and ready to roll, up to and including new tires — a unique and rare piece of history that was expensive to produce especially given the set of rigorous feats it was designed to accomplish. [See Video below.]

It was part of a collection initially compiled by truck historian and specialty vehicle aficionado Don Chew of Brighton, Colorado. We provide special pricing for museums which enjoy a savings of 20% for museum artifacts intended for display.

This one is for sale for $ 25,000.00 with a 25% discount to museums or veteran’s groups interested in preserving it for historical purposes.

Call for details: 928.916.1090.




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