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The Auction is Up and Running! Conclusion: 16 March 2022

Welcome, Friends! It’s been a lot of fun hosting the open house and enjoying the company of auto and aviation connoisseurs from around the country! This sale has taught me a lot about the process of auctions and how they work! I’ve been fortunate to work with the staff from BIGIRON.COM: Debbie Sallee, Andy Birdsell, Jim […]

Auction! Blog


  Go to BIGIRON.COM to register — and if you can attend the OPEN HOUSE prior to the sale, then come by and check out your interests in person! Call for details at BIGIRON.COM or contact us at 928.927.5555! See you there! Want a little more information about Quartzsite? Here’s an excellent story for the […]

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1970 Ford ‘Twister’ Clone $ 25,980.00

Investment Vehicles: The ‘Twister Special’ Clone The Twister Special is a great example of an investment vehicle and this is an excellent video, depicting this type of restoration. Book values continue to escalate and no funds invested in this type of muscle car are ever wasted. Call for additional details at 888.878.2202. Another mystery car, this […]