This 1956 Pontiac Station Wagon has risen in value every year for decades. Today it’s worth between $ 65,000 and $ 80,000.00.


One of the biggest issues collectors face is the need for extensive storage space. Cars are cumbersome and typically require machinery or multiple people to help in moving them. For this reason, real estate becomes a secondary means of growing a company’s value.  


1960 Impala 2-Door Convertible

This fully RESTORABLE 1960 Impala Convertible is in high demand and extremely rare. In today’s market values this car, restored, is valued at NADA $75,500.00. Some fortunate soul will give this car back it’s original glory amd create for themselves an amazingly high-end collector car that will only continue to rise in value. With some […]


The Story

From childhood, Richard Oldham was obsessed with anything related to transportation. His horse from his teen years [Stargo’s namesake] carried him through the Arizona outback and even to school on ‘most days’. By the age of 10 he was figuring out how to work on cars and by 19 he was flying planes. Thus, the […]