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Pickups: You just can’t lose with a truck

Pick-ups, delivery vans, utility or tow trucks — even fire trucks and ambulances virtually, any make model or year — there are always buyers!

We are always buying trucks of every make and model for the simple reason that they continue to sell. Whether they’re hot rod trucks like our 1956 Ford or the most demure of business vehicles buried beneath a utility body or a specialty vehicle long forgotten behind an outdated facade, we are in the market!

One of the most phenomenal pickups we’ve ever encountered is this 1956 Ford we lovingly refer to as the ‘mean machine’. This beautiful restoration came to us mostly finished — and the restorer’s meticulous attention to detail is more than evident.


1956 Ford Custom Pick-up

Click the picture of the truck for more pictures and a lot more detail!

While this isn’t the only truck available, it’s one of the nicest ones we’ve seen in a good while for anywhere near this price — and it’s available now for $34,980.00.

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