Barn Finds: The Car Hunter’s Dream

Every car hunter dreams of that ‘barn find’ car that’s been sitting, hidden behind closed doors for decades.

Is it a realistic goal? Do they exist? More importantly, perhaps, can they be found?

Collector Car Company founder Richard Oldham has discovered more than a few of these elusive autos and he has methods for discovering the unexpected, under appreciated and undervalued. A few are even available for sale from his private collection, now being marketed as he looks forward to retirement, travel and authoring his book: The Collector Car Bible. [Preorders available HERE.]

Oldham understands the mystique behind the myths and assists people in ascertaining how to find the ‘treasure cars’ they’re seeking with decades of experience in searching out the rare, the unique and the most valued.

“I think treasure hunting is one of the most exciting facets of auto collecting,” Oldham states, “You have the best of both worlds when you find the specific cars you dream of restoring and most people will tell you they’re after that one car they had and let go, the one their parents or grandparents drove, the one they dreamed of owning when they were a teenager decades ago.”

“Dreams keep us engaged, active and young,” Oldham continues, “And having a purpose in life is unlike anything on earth when it comes to motivating us — inspiring us, if you will — not only to enjoy our lives and our times but to offer something of value to the generations of collectors that follow after us. With the advent of the Internet, things have changed immensely and it’s a very exciting time to be alive, searching for and restoring the cars of our dreams.”

Oldham is no stranger to the love of collecting cars. His own collections have included some of the most fascinating cars of bygone days spanning many decades.

Born in 1938 and turning 81 this year, is still actively engaged in every aspect of auto collection, restoration, valuation and sales.