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UPS and the MISSING HANDMADE 1957 Batwing Air Cleaner for 1955 & 1957 Body Number One Cadillac ElDorado Brougham

Back in the day, the 1957 Cadillac ElDorado Brougham was the most spectacular car the US automotive industry had ever produced.

It had virtually everything.

By this time, GM was having financial trouble and subsequently began producing its famed ‘MOTORAMA’ sporadically before discontinuing it altogether.

Here is PackageFox’s [BUYER BEWARE about UPS] article that shows you they typically aren’t held accountable for missing/stolen packages. Nice, huh?  


When a shipper — that sold you insurance and can produce no insurance loss specialist — cannot find the item in question yet refuses to pay your claim, mitigate your loss OR compensate you for the damages you’ve incurred.

The point of this article is to tell you that you can investigate and perhaps even retrieve your missing package by doing the following:

1. Identify anyone else in your ‘neck of the woods’ that is having similar issues.

2. Join forces to backtrack and investigate options: advertise accordingly. Let people know about your missing shipment including tracking information, dates of shipment, pictures of the missing shipment and pictures of the any documentation pertaining to this shipment.

3. Track down others who have had similar experiences.

4. Look for people who complain of receiving shipments that were not theirs: this is how the batwing was located and reclaimed.

5. File Reports – Send Letters – Send a Letter from an Attorney

6. In short: don’t let your claim die. If UPS is going to take money and guarantee package delivery, when they fail in this task it’s up to the consumer to let others know so they’re not similarly disenfranchised.