Rat Rods: Off to the Races!

Consider the following scenario: You stumble across a ‘collectible’ car — or truck — that’s been sitting, unused and unappreciated for years.

It’s clearly ‘restorable’ but it runs and drives, and you have to admit that its ‘patina’  — a slightly rust colored exterior — has an amazing ‘edge‘ all its own.

While myriad options exist to make it look like the incredible ‘barn find’ that it is, worthy of participation in any show — its rustic appearance makes it a fun ride and a deeper restoration can clearly wait.

What’s the hurry anyway? It has everything you could ask for, including a natty interior of fabric from the 40’s and equally cool carpeting that is reminiscent of the earliest days of the automotive industry: things were built to last when vehicles weren’t expected to ‘purr’ instead of ‘run’ because they didn’t need to blast down the Interstates at a clip of 80 – 90 MPH — this one lending itself to imaginings of a simpler day and time.

Oh, of course it would make a great restoration with it’s deep grill and classic style — but sometimes there’s a deeper appreciation of letting something be sheerly antique —  ‘original’ in every way.

If these are  some of the thoughts that have run through your mind when you drop in a battery and some fresh fuel only to find a long forgotten ‘orphan’ vehicle firing to life to find its new place in the world… then Welcome to the World of the ‘Rat Rod’.

We have some of these, too. When we find these rare and rustic ‘keepers’, we, too, are enthralled with the originality of it all and, unless it needs an overhaul for one reason or another, we try to let them be just to keep a few ‘on hand’. 

See something you like? Let us know how we can help!