Antique Auction! Historically Significant Restored Trucks

1962 Marmon Harrington COE [Cab Over Engine]

One Of A Kind 1962 Marmon Harrington is, literally, the last — the only — one. Check out this article by truck and automobile historian Troy Miller Here’s an excerpt: The history of Marmon can be traced all the way back to the mid-1800s.  Marmon began in 1851 as the Nordyke and Marmon Machine Company, […]

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  Go to BIGIRON.COM to register — and if you can attend the OPEN HOUSE prior to the sale, then come by and check out your interests in person! Call for details at BIGIRON.COM or contact us at 928.927.5555! See you there! Want a little more information about Quartzsite? Here’s an excellent story for the […]