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1970 Ford ‘Twister’ Clone $ 25,980.00

Investment Vehicles: The ‘Twister Special’ Clone

The Twister Special is a great example of an investment vehicle and this is an excellent video, depicting this type of restoration. Book values continue to escalate and no funds invested in this type of muscle car are ever wasted. Call for additional details at 888.878.2202.

Another mystery car, this Ford Mach 1 fastback was sold to Oldham as a Twister Special — but without the original 429 and the lack of a shaker hood, it’s unknown what the car was originally.

Book values are as follows:

Mustang Mach 1 — 2 Door Fastback:

Junk Price: $ 21,100.00
Wholesale: $44,000.00
Pristine: $85,700.00

As a Boss 302:

Junk Price: $ 50,800.00
Wholesale: $ 89,000.00
Pristine: $ 150,200.00

Matching numbers are always important if you plans to move into the ‘Pristine’ category. Clones have value but are not considered as desirable as ‘originals’, of course.

In this instance, the motor was removed prior to purchase. Should the VIN numbers depict a true Twister Special, the book values are as follows with a Boss 429:

Junk: $144,100.00
Wholesale: $292,700.00
Pristine: $530,400.00

We do offer ‘Build Sheet’ services for those interested in detailed restorations. In short, it has excellent potential. As is, this car is offered at $ 34,980.00.

Fan Sites abound: This one has good historical photographs.