Cars Restorables

1967 Chevelle

We’ve got a lot of restorable cars — hundreds of them, in fact. There are no parts for sale and the cars chosen are generally complete.

As a car aficionado over the last 70 years, Oldham has made a career of collecting cars far longer than most — and they pique his interest yet today.

You will probably notice perusing this site that most of the cars he’s chosen are American made and most are two door versions of whatever make and model they represent, not unlike the 1967 Chevelle in this picture.

On site, most of the restorable cars are 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s automobiles from the ‘Big Three’ — known in those days as ‘America’s amazing automobile makers’.

Today, foreign builders have corners the markets once considered America’s own — and Detroit is a testimony to everything that went wrong, politically, to bring about it’s demise.

The American made cars of which Americans were so proud are collector cars today — and the book values mirror the rising values of vehicles that are becoming rarer with every passing year. Arizona draws many restorers due to the dry climate here — the cars don’t fill with rainwater and are not exposed to long periods of wet or humid weather. Arizona isn’t close enough to the ocean for them to be adversely affected by salt air, either — and they remain in a relatively stable condition even when stored for decades.

He favors the sportier coupes and fastbacks from GM’s ‘muscle car’ days — and convertibles were always of special interest to him so he still has a large number of those. The 1950’s Corvettes were also a genre he found fascinating so they, too, are strongly represented in his collections — along with a goodly representation of Cadillacs from the 50’s and 60’s: particularly the 1957 El Dorado Broughams — a masterpiece in its time and one Oldham would go to great lengths to collect.

The warehouses on the Main Event site along with the 30 plus acres of restorables are fascinating to see — just one video of the site shot by an amateur videographer to the site has garnered almost a million views,

The property and cars are for sale — and the buildings set up for storage and restoration await the next generation’s auto enthusiasts to complete the years of projects currently store here.

The property and its owner represent a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finish a dream — and turn a good profit in the process. Call for details: 928.916.1090.