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1957 Oldsmobile Fiesta Station Wagon 4DHT 371 cu in engine

This 1957 Oldsmobile Fiesta 4DHT Station Wagon has a powerhouse of an engine in this Rocket 88 371 cu in motor featuring a 4 bbl carburetor. It’s an automatic with PS and PB. 

The following synopsis from OldCarWeekly.Com points out some interesting facts about this nifty piece of Americana and provides some additional insight on this beautiful and rare auto from the epitome of GM’s glory days.

Olds buyers could order a station wagon in 1957 for the first time since 1950. It was a reflection of the growing popularity of seven- and nine-passenger five-door wagons and meant that Olds brought back the wagon body had its own version of the now iconic hardtop Nomad. For ’57, Olds did not use a Fisher body. Instead, the company partnered with custom coach builder Mitchell-Bentley Iona Body Company, which had previous build the Packard Caribbean and 1956-’57 Lincoln Continental Mark II.

The Fiesta hardtop wagon could be had in both Series 88 and Super 88 trim lines and featured the 371-cid V-8 with J-2 tri-power, Hydra-Matic transmission, power steering and brakes, a roof rack and other goodies. Buyers could also opt for a five-door wagon with sedan styling. The regular wagon sold for $2,914 before add-ons, while the hardtop Fiesta listed for $3,017. A total of 8,981 Fiesta Super 88 wagons like Beck’s were built for the ’57 model year.