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The 1954 Corvette Nomad

Many people know Richard Oldham from his work on his number one version replicar of the 1954 Chevrolet Corvette Nomad.

As an official Chevrolet dealer in ‘those days’ [the early 70’s] he had a chance to view [and in one well-reviewed instance, purchase] prototypes of cars Chevrolet debuted at its world-renowned ‘MOTORAMA’.

Tracking down witnesses to the destruction of the 1954 Waldorf Nomad only to discover that it had, indeed, been shredded, Oldham proceeded in working to secure the schematics from Chevrolet so that he could build one.

He still has the car today. A beautiful replica of the amazingly popular 1954 Nomad [especially since it had never been built and then marketed] there have been many attempts to create the Waldorf Nomad — but Oldham’s version is the only one known to be true to the dimensions of the true-to-life show-stopping original.

MOTORAMA: Chevrolet’s Amazing, Design and Marketing Genius of the 1950’s