About Main Event

EVERYTHING GOES in this RETIREMENT SALE from a LIFELONG COLLECTOR of AMERICAN MADE cars. This FANTASTIC 37 ACRES of property features workshops and warehouses, office space for a popular classic car dealership AND living quarters for someone looking to DIVE IN. It’s the perfect set up for a CAR DEALER, a TOW operation, BODY SHOP and UPHOLSTERY business, CUSTOM AUTO BUILDER, GLASS shop, Auto and Aviation SHOWGROUNDS, and even STORAGE FACILITY — or a COMBINATION OF ALL OF THEM. Care to PURCHASE and lease space to these businesses? Now is the time!

With plenty of property located in a tourist HOT SPOT like Quartzsite, the list of opportunities is  ENDLESS and, as if that weren’t enough, there’s an ACTIVE PRIVATE AIRSTRIP and HANGARS already on site! There are between 500 and 750 restorable cars [and some RVs] to round out the package and a STRONG DESIRE to RETIRE drives this deal into the stratosphere when it comes to VALUE.